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All Eco Energy offers a range of solar PV add-ons that bring the finishing touches to your system. We also provide a number of non-core items that enable installers to extract the maximum value from their customer base.

Products on offer include an array of monitoring devices and water heating technology as well as warning labels and promotional information for the newly installed solar power.

One of the most exciting developments in solar has been the introduction of monitoring equipment. Whilst this provides an astounding range of information for the engineer, it is also able to give the consumer a wealth of data on the performance of their newly installed solar panels. This information can be displayed in a number of ways, but one current favourite method is to install a small unobtrusive LED display module within the customers’ home.

The monitoring display allows customers to see their energy usage and their carbon footprint. More importantly, they are also able to easily show their friends the savings that have been made and are able to flaunt their green credentials without requiring their guests to crawl in to a darkened cupboard under the stairs.

Other Solar PV Add-ons from All Eco Energy

Also available from the range of solar PV add-ons available from All Eco Energy are a range of products that are designed to heat hot water tanks using solar power. These systems allow the user to take power generated by the solar PV panels and use this energy in an immersion heater and water tank system to heat the water for use in a domestic environment. These systems of heating and information display form the core of the range of solar pv add-ons available from All Eco Energy.

For independent installers these systems offer an ideal route to secure an extra value from their sale by providing extra facilities and functions to the end customer.