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Spotlight on Solar PV Inverters Warranties

21st January 2015   |  Author: Chris Sutor

There's been a growing trend across 2013 and 2014 for longer solar pv inverter warranties as standard. Whilst 2012 saw inverters with 5 years as standard, today, in 2015, many solar PV inverters come with 10 years warranty as standard. 

Longer warranties from the manufacturers are provided for three reasons: competing in the market, better wuality of construction and a better understanding of failure rate. 



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Spotlight on Inverters Warranty

Are micro inverter necessary?

22nd August 2013   |  Author: Chris Sutor

Old theory on solar PV inverters was that shade on one solar pv panel would affect the output from the entire string.  With developments in power inverter technology, and rapid, wide range, scanning algorithms that seek out real MPPTs rather than local MPPTs, it seems that the benefits of micro inverter systems are not as great as they may otherwise be.



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 Early Micro Inverter