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UK based solar PV wholesaler All Eco Energy offers the trade a range of AC isolators from the best-known manufacturers in renewable energy.


Being able to isolate AC power supplies from an inverter is one of the most important safety features available to the solar installer. It is not just useful for installers though. Anyone needing to work with the panels or the power inverter needs to be able to isolate the potentially volatile mains power supply before they begin work on any piece of the electrical infrastructure.

AC Isolators - Stopping Power From Going Where It Isn't Wanted

Without the ability to isolate power supplies, engineers and installers would be unable to operate a power system at all. The additional value from being able to easily isolate the supply results in lower servicing and maintenance bills for the householder or property owner when work is being carried out.


As well as a range of AC isolators that are matched for the size and power output of your system, All Eco Energy is able to offer a range of other solar PV products, from solar panels to generation meters. We are able to offer our trade customers throughout the UK and Europe an unparalleled line of AC isolators and other equipment due to our considerable, hands-on experience of the industry as well as our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Why not give us a call today to discuss setting up a credit account to enhance your trading experience.