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Cable Connectors are the unsung heroes of your solar PV system. They link together your system with ease, making later expansion (or even contraction) easier. They ensure that even those emergency repairs, such as fixing roof tiles, result in minimal disruption to the power generation of your panels, by ensuring that the reconnection of supply is a speedy as possible.


These important system pieces also ensure that your cabling is kept dry and that no water ingress is possible. This helps with the safe operation of the system and ensures that there are no sudden blackouts during a rainstorm. It also ensures that your system is not likely to experience the damage that can occur when water meets electricity.


MC 4 Cable Connectors - An Industry Standard

In solar energy, most DC connections are provided by the common standard of MC4 cable connectors. These are single-contact electrical connectors . The MC4 part of the name stands for the original manufacturer, Multi-Contact USA, and the internal design of a 4 mm contact assembly pin.


MC4 cable connectors allow the system installer to build strings of panels by pushing the connectors from adjacent panels together by hand. As an additional safety feature, a tool is required to disconnect them to ensure they do not accidentally disconnect if the cables are pulled. MC4 cable connectors are universal in the solar market today having been the standard connector within the industry since about 2011. All Eco Energy also carries supplies of the older MC3 connector for trade users who require backward compatibility with older units


The MC4 connector is UL rated at 20A and 600V maximum, depending on the conductor size used. Standards efforts in Europe also allow 1000V versions. Interruption of the load requires a special DC circuit breaker that allows the user to open the circuit without arcing damage to the solar pv system.


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