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Battery Backup Power Storage Systems

Midlands-based renewable energy wholesaler All Eco Energy offers a wide range of battery backup and storage systems for use with solar panels.


The running joke amongst those who decry solar power is that it is not a very useful technology once the sun goes down. However, these shortcomings are addressable using power storage technology. This allows the energy that is created by the panels during the hours of daylight to be kept for use during the evening and overnight hours when it is not possible to generate more power using this method.


Whilst this technology is not necessary for the majority of customers with access to high-grade power grids and relatively low cost mains power, there are a number of reasons, either desire for an ecologically balanced lifestyle, or because of access to alternative sources of power may require this kind of solution.


Methods of Use for Battery Backup and Storage Systems

The opportunities offered by solar PV battery backup and storage systems are to be found outside of the mainstream of the renewable energy market. Places prone to disruption when there is a power failure tend to be one of the best sources of clients for this kinds of energy system.


Solar PV Battery backup and storage systems are a concept that is difficult to sell to customers who are less conscious of the environment and have low cost mains power available. One possible route to a sale may be the business continuity angle. Many businesses are aware of the concept of the UPS – the Uninterruptable Power Supply, but for smaller businesses and those working from home, the loss of supply can be far more costly than for larger companies. Whilst a UPS can keep essential systems and communications infrastructure active, many desktop computers and other systems become inoperable. battery backup and storage systems may present an opportunity to guarantee a supply to allow essential work to carry on in the temporary absence of grid power, particularly if this occurs during the evening.


For more information on these products contact All Eco Energy on +44 (0)121 742 4844.