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BenQ Solar PV Panels

Based in Taiwan, the company behind BenQ solar PV panels produces a wide range of consumer electronics, computing and communications devices as well as products in the renewable energy sector. The panels are made by the company’s AU Optronics division.


The company leverages the manufacturing strength of the group to produce top quality and innovative products to worldwide customers offering a complete solar value chain consisting of exceptional quality products to residential, commercial and utility customers from their operations in more than 30 nations worldwide.


The business prides itself on offering premium quality and reliable performance within a competitive cost structure. The products exceed a number of internationally recognised standards, including JET, UL, IEC, MCS, JPEC and CEC.


BenQ Solar PV Panels - Continuing Innovation

BenQ solar PV panels were first manufactured in 2012. Today they rate amongst the best panels on the market, a factor that proved a key draw for All Eco Energy when the company started offering the panels to their clients. The history of innovation offered by the brand in its line of domestic products has been captured and magnified for the move in to commercial equipment as BenQ Solar PV Panels prove by their continued innovation.


Their recent mono crystalline modules are amongst the lightest on the market, with the PM060M01, an ultra-light mono-crystalline module weighing only 10.5 kg and reaching a superb output power of 280W. At approximately 45% lighter than the conventional counterparts the new panels are the world's lightest 60-cell crystalline-silicon modules.


At All Eco Energy, as a solar PV wholesaler, we are proud to supply BenQ panels. Why not register for an account and place your order today. Contact the team on 0121 742 4844 for more details on our range of BenQ products and enquire about our incredibly competitive trade prices and credit services.


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BenQ Solar PV Panels