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EasyRoof Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Now on sale at solar PV specialist All Eco Energy are a range of mounting kits from IRFTS. The team behind EasyRoof (IRFTS) solar panel mounting kits aims to find solutions that make solar PV technologies available to the widest breadth of businesses and individual consumers by devising new methods for mounting systems to roofs.


The company behind this popular system, IRFTS are a specialist in the design of built-in systems for photovoltaic modules. The business model has been built around adding strong value-added benefits to its technology derived from an integrated design and R&D unit and manufacturing its high performance products at its factory in France. The quality of the products is then assured by stringent testing and certification to the highest international standards.


Key Product Features of EasyRoof (IRFTS) Solar Panel Mounting Kits

The EasyRoof (IRFTS) solar panel mounting kits bring together a number of key elements. These exceptional quality products are expected to have a lifespan of more than 25 years and are backed by a 10 year product warranty. The Easy Roof (IRFTS) Solar Panel Mounting Kits are a modular system that meant that no cutting is required on site. This frees your construction and installation teams to focus on more productive tasks around the worksite.


The framed system is developed to allow maximum ventilation to reach the roof to allow whilst keeping weight loading on the roof to a minimum. This allows you to not only prevent damage to roofs, but also makes it easier for your installation crews when working at height, allowing a smoother and more efficient install.


In addition, all fixings to roof and all electrical work are carried out in the “dry” area preventing water ingress. The mounting kits are also fire safe and are rated to the B4 safety standard. The system is also designed to be resistant to the stresses caused by thermal expansion. The design accommodates thermal expansion, reducing the build-up of stress fractures and leakage.


The modules come pre-identified with solar panels to remove issues with warranties. All of these time and labour saving activities mean that it is possible to install 4kw at roof height in once single day.


For more information on Easy Roof (IRFTS) Solar panel mounting kits call All Eco Energy on 0121 742 4844 or visit our Download Section to find out more technical details about the product.

EasyRoof Solar Panel Mounting Kits

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