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Elster Generation Meters

The group that produces the popular range of Elster generation meters are a world leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure and solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries. All Eco Energy sells a range of their balance of system solutions including these high quality products.


With more than 170 years in the business of measuring precious resources, these high quality AMI and AMR products, systems, and solutions reflect the wealth of knowledge and experience that has been acquired over many lifetimes by a workforce that currently includes more than 7000 staff in 38 countries.


Generation meters are an important part of the balance of system for larger scale solar PV projects. They enable the export tariff to be gained from the electricity company by providing a reading of what has left the property. Whilst not a significant piece of equipment for smaller home based projects where the amount of power exported to the grid is relatively small, for larger industrial units or for solar farms then an investment in a generation meter can lead to a profitable return from the low per KW/h export rate due to the amount of capacity being generated that is not used locally.


Elster Generation Meters – A Worldwide Presence

The company behind Elster generation meters is active in more than 130 countries and is an acknowledged world leader in the field, having deployed more than 200 million devices including Elster generation meters for small to medium scale generation, over the last 10 years; this gives the company one of the largest installed bases of meter monitoring in the world.


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Elster Generation Meters