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End of Line Solar PV Products

All things must pass is a common sentiment expressing the end of one phase and a move onward to newer things. In this industry, the items left behind as we move to a new phase are frequently called end of line solar PV products.


There is nothing wrong with being the last man standing, but as time and technology moves on, older products are discontinued.


Whilst their technology has become older, and they are no longer at the bleeding edge, these more mature pieces of technology represent tried and trusted methods and still function great. They may have a slightly lower power output or operate with a slower switching speed than their sons (or maybe, as we are talking about solar power, that should be suns) and daughters in the following generation, however they remain solid technology that will give years of competent and reliable service.


Can You Find a Home for End of Line Solar PV Products?

These end of line solar PV products including solar panels, inverters, meters and all manner of balance of system items are crying out for a decent home (or commercial premises) in which to live out their years. Many can even be relocated to a solar farm. All they ask in return for their unbroken years of good service is a occasional clean and service visit. Can you or your customers help give a good home to these needy (and often lonesome) end of line solar PV products?


Life in the recesses of the All Eco Energy warehouse is no place for these sun loving and energy-craving creatures of the light. To help them on their way to their new life, we offer great credit facilities and practical advice to our trade customers, as well as offering great clearance prices.


For more information on these products call the All Eco Energy team on +44 (0)121 742 4844. You will find them to be a friendly bunch. In fact, maybe these products are hanging around because they enjoy our company so much. Why not call and find out?