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February FIT Rates - No Change

February FIT Rates - No Change

6th December 2012 | Author: Chris Sutor

Ofgem and DECC have confirmed the solar PV FIT rates for solar photovoltaic installations completed between February 2013 through to May 2013. As things stand, they have confirmed that there will be no change to the solar PV FIT rates this time around. This follows a period in which there has been low rates of installation across all scales from Domestic PV through to large scale ground mount PV.

FIT rates will be:

  • 0-4kW - 15.44p/kWh
  • >4-10kW - 13.99p/kWh
  • >10-50kW - 13.03p/kWh
  • >50-150kW - 11.50p/kWh
  • >150-250kW - 11.00p/kWh
  • >250-5000kW - 7.1p/kWh

Stand alone rate - 7.1p/kWh (Note - stand alone can be better described as "direct grid feed" and relates to the use of the electricity generated rather than the location of panels).

All Eco Energy believes that the last 3 months have seen an immense period of consolidation and evaluation of where firms wish to sit within the market place. Over the following 3 months a number of significant schemes to deploy large quantities of solar PV will increase the delivery rates. This may impact on subsequent FIT reviews.


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