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Fronius Solar Inverters

The manufacturer of Fronius solar inverters are a long established company that has over 70 years of experience in battery chargers and power transformers for high current applications such as welding. The company launched in to the renewable energy sector in 1995 with its first inverters. The products had been in development since 1992.


The products proved so successful for the Austrian based business that in the year 2000 the business was realigned along its four most promising areas, one of which was the company’s solar projects. The company increased its production capacity to 200 MW per year in 2004 with the addition of new plant.


In 2009, the business premiered the first transformerless PV inverter with standard system monitoring. The Fronius IG TL allowed the use of a commercially-available USB stick for easy system monitoring as well as updating the internal firmware of the system.


The company has a number of branch offices around the world in addition to its Austrian head office. Countries as diverse as China, India and Spain have offices that are able to offer customers and their dealer networks support both before and after the sale of the item.


About Fronius Solar Inverters and Photovoltaic Power

Turning energy from the sun in to power, particularly heat is a process that goes back thousands of years. However, capturing that energy as a source of electrical power, i.e. photovoltaics, is a relatively new way of converting energy. The system converts raw sunlight into electrical current, meaning clean, renewable energy.


Power is collected by the solar cells and is passed to the Fronius solar inverters, the control system of a photovoltaic system. The power is changed at this point from the steady direct current of the panels to the alternating current of the power grid. Once the Fronius solar inverters have converted the power to a more readily useable form, it can be used either in-house of sent out to the public power grid.


More information on Fronius Solar Inverters, including data sheets and certificates of conformity visit our download section.


Fronius Solar Inverters