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IMO Solar PV Isolators

Since its foundation in 1972, the business behind IMO solar PV isolators has grown substantially from its base on the North Circular Road in London becoming a global manufacturer and supplier of electronic components.

The business now has sales offices in the UK, France, Italy, Australia, Russia and North America. It also operates distribution centres in Europe, North America, Australia and China and derives over 50% of its revenue from these important and growing overseas markets.

The company has been successful due to an investment in innovation. Whether it was creating the first ever BT Type 47 approved relay, or developing the first compact sized AC power inverter that was designed to be precise enough to control the speed of a motor, the company has always focused on breaking barriers.

Both products and manufacturing sites are quality assured to ensure they continue to be recognised around the world for or their quality and reliability. Products such as IMO solar PV isolators are backed by warranty periods of up to five years, a length of guarantee that is virtually unknown within the industry. The products on offer are in full compliance with all relevant international standards and approvals, customers specifying IMO solar PV isolators can do so with the knowledge and security that they are making a no-compromise selection from the range of one of the best-known company’s in this competitive sector.

Like All Eco Energy Ltd, IMO have grown due to the success of their customers. Manufacturers,' assemblers and solar installers worldwide (including major blue chip businesses) have come to depend upon the input from the London based company to help them achieve ever-higher levels of reliability and innovation whilst developing their competitive edge. This philosophy continues to deliver results by creating close and long-lasting relationships between the company and their customers worldwide.

IMO Solar PV Isolators