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Panasonic Solar PV Panels

The Panasonic solar PV panels on offer from All Eco Energy were originally sold under the Sanyo solar panels branding. The change in name however has not led to a change in quality of the items sold or in the new technology that is delivered to the customer within each panel. After all, the companies have always shared a close relationship. Sanyo began its life in a building that was lent to it by the parent company of Panasonic.


The development of solar cells by Panasonic goes back over 40 years. The Sanyo division began the development of solar cells made from amorphous silicon in 1975, they moved in to commercial production in 1980. By 1992, the company were equipping Japanese residential buildings with photovoltaic systems that were able to feed power in to the power grid as well as providing energy for local use.


Modern Developments for Panasonic Solar PV Panels

By 1998, the company was offering 180 watt panels with a module efficiency of 15.2% and the company built the world’s largest solar power plant known as a Solar Ark on a site in Gifu, Japan. The company used its Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer technology. Marketed as HIT panels, manufacturing takes place in both Japan and in Hungary.


The name of the business changed in 2012 to its present branding and Panasonic solar PV panels began to be offered by wholesalers including All Eco Energy. The following years saw a number of firsts for the manufacturers including the opening of a large manufacturing plant in Malaysia to supply panels to the Asian market, as well as offering a range of Black back sheet modules into Europe. Panasonic solar PV panels were also used in the installation of the largest on roof installation in Turkey, where energy production topped expectations by more than 15%.


All Eco Energy continues to offer Panasonic panels due to their excellent, market leading research and development. The most recent lab research has seen panels running at 25.6% capacity. With technology breakthroughs like these it’s not difficult to see why Panasonic solar have produced over 1 billion cells.

Panasonic Solar PV Panels