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Perlight Solar PV Panels

Since production began in 2006, Perlight solar PV panels have quickly become a major player in the production of renewable energy. The brand is now a significant part of the Baolite Group, which itself was founded in 1982. This gives the company more than 30 years experience in international trade and light manufacturing, as well as renewable energy and solar power.

The business has grown significantly over the past thirty years and now has the capacity to annually manufacture solar panels capable of delivering 400mW of power. Manufacturing takes place in the city of Wenling, China. The economies of scale available to businesses producing such large number of products enable better value through highly automated production processes. This keeps human error in production to a minimum, allowing a higher overall level of quality, resulting in higher reliability to the end user.

Perlight Solar PV Panels - Accreditation and international growth

The quality level of Perlight solar PV panels is certified to by a number of third parties. Amongst the many certifications that are held for the panels are TUV, IEC, VDE, UL, ETL, CEC, FSEC, MCS, CE and BPP. In addition Perlight solar PV panels also hold the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 accreditation. The company was also a founding member of the Taizhou City Technology and Inspection Centre, an independent testing centre.

The company was amongst the first to bring higher efficiency panels to their customers, being the first to offer 60 cell 250w modules in the United States. The development teams based in China are committed to innovation and work constantly to provide the next solar power breakthrough.

With a continual path to customer improvement and a long history of growth the future is looking bright for this company situated in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang. The business attends many international fairs and expo’s such as the recent Canton Expo and looks to expand its presence worldwide.

Perlight Solar PV Panels