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Renusol Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Since the company was found in 1997, Renusol solar panel mounting kits have been producing a range of sophisticated solutions that assist the installer in fitting photo-voltaic systems. The experience gained since the early years of mass solar deployment have been enriching for both the professional customers and the in-house design team that work tirelessly to come up with new designs and better solutions.

The company has now developed a range of products and continues to, produce and sell modular systems for the safe mounting of solar systems to all types of roofs as well as an array of solar PV ground mounting solutions. Renusol is represented in all core markets in Europe and America with its range of products, including in the UK where it is available through solar PV distributor All Eco Energy.

One of the most popular ranges on offer are the Console + system of mounting systems for flat roofs. These tub-based systems allow the installer to simply affix solar modules to the high grade plastic mountings that can be filled with your choice of ballast material (either gravel, quarry tiles of similar material) to ensure that the panels do not move on the roof top. This type of system means that the roofing remains intact and securing anchorage points are not needed. This results in very easy planning, extremely short mounting times and secure support.

The ConSole+ Renusol solar panel mounting kits are made of 100% chlorine-free polyethylene. This gives the system robust longevity. These Renusol solar panel mounting kits are inherently lightweight and their stackable shape offer great advantages for both logistics and warehousing and during installation. Click on register to gain instant access to our competitive trade prices and discounts.

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Renusol Solar Panel Mounting Kits