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Risen Solar PV Panels

Founded in 2002, Risen solar PV panels has evolved from a manufacturer of electric lamps to a world-leading Tier 1, professional solar PV manufacturer providing high-performance solar cells and PV modules.

The company originally focused on the domestic Chinese market for renewable technology. In 2011, it expanded it focus and began to operate internationally opening new manufacturing capacity in its home nation as well as regional sales and support offices in both Germany and Hong Kong. These centres continue to deliver improved levels of service to customers in Europe and throughout Asia.

Sales grew, but so did the manufacturing plant put in place by the company. By the end of 2011, the quantity of new equipment being manufactured by the Chinese-based enterprise was capable of generating 600 MW.  The company was now employing 3,200 workers across its four wholly-owned manufacturing plants located in Ninghai city in the east of China. Rigorous testing of panels is carried out the company before shipment.

Risen Solar PV Panels – Quality and Growth Combined

The growth of the company brought respect for it research and development capability. With a newly acquired status as one of the leading tier 1 manufacturers, Risen solar PV panels has established long term relationships with partners from EU, North American, South Africa and Southeast Asia.  Following the dramatic period of growth, Risen solar PV panels are now used in more than 30 countries.

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Risen Solar PV Panels