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Schuco Solar Panel Mounting Kits

There are a number of manufacturers of solar panels and associated equipment available to All Eco Energy, but one of the most popular remains Schuco solar panel mounting kits. These kits make it easy for installers to place panels on both pitched and flat roofs and mean that the attached equipment is securely fastened to a roof.


The company has grown from its base in doors and u-pvc to take in to this new line of equipment. It now has more than 4800 employees with about 2000 of these staff being engineers. The company is active in 80 countries around the globe and generated a turnover of more than €1 billion.


Schuco Solar Panel Mounting Kits - Quality and Environmental Sustainability

Whilst the methods used in attaching the panels to the roof is rarely one of the primary consideration, the use of high quality parts can prevent a number of issues arising in the future. This is particularly true of areas that suffer from high levels of wind loading or potential water ingress.


At the heart of the company is a dedication to product sustainability and the desire that socio-cultural aspects can be taken in to account in the run of the normal activities to make the products as sustainable as possible. Schüco is seizing this development and creating technologies that focus on people and which are in harmony with nature. Investors, architects, building consultants and partners are supported in all project phases.


Systems such as the Schuco solar panel mounting kits are designed to offer maximum design freedom and an outstanding finish and appearance that should be pleasing to the end customer for years to come and minimise maintenance costs. Schuco solar panel mounting kits are also designed to ensure that they are fit for purpose and energy efficiency in both construction and operation.


Together with their durability and recyclability, they contribute to the creation of sustainable buildings and a more sustainable and environmentally sound world.

Schuco Solar Panel Mounting Kits