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SCL Solar PV Isolators

Photovoltaic solar panel systems such as those sold by All Eco Energy require components that are able to isolate power supplies, both at AC and DC voltages. Popular components such as SCL solar PV isolators have won plaudits in the trade press and significant positive word of mouth within the industry.

In layman’s terms, the role of this component is to eradicate voltages and render the system safe to work on for upgrade or repairs. It can also be used to prevent further problems by isolating faulty equipment from the still functioning parts of your solar panel set up.

Colour coding is in use on the equipment to make identification of the type of energy supply easier. AC switches are fitted with a red and yellow handle, and the DC switches are fitted with a grey and black handle. This makes it far easier for busy maintenance staff to identify the correct isolator.

Enhanced Safety Features of the SCL Solar PV Isolators

All isolator handles can be padlocked in the ‘off’ position and also feature interlocked access doors, so that for safety reasons the enclosures cannot be opened exposing live connections when in the ‘on’ position.

The SCL solar PV isolators are a series of rotary switches rated up to IP65 to provide an excellent level of protection against dust and other dry materials. The IP65 standard also means that this switches are able to offer their internal components protection from a water jet projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) directed at the enclosure from any direction, This means that mounting on the outside of buildings, where the product is exposed to the weather is a valid installation option. The SCL solar PV isolators are available from All Eco Energy in a wide range of unit types from 20A to 100A in both DC and AC variations.