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All Eco Energy is proud to offer an extensive range of in-roof and ground mount solar panel mounting kits for home, domestic and industrial use to its wholesale and trade customers in the UK and Europe.


Fitting solar panels is often an overlooked area when buying this sort of renewable energy system. Whilst substantial payments are made to squeeze out those extra few watts or improve the outward surface look of the panels, the mounts, including the frames and brackets can be overlooked. However, skimping on quality parts in this area can be a false economy.


Your solar panels are most likely mounted high up on a roof, exposed to the elements, or slightly less exposed and mounted in-roof. Whilst at ground level structures such as buildings and trees mask high winds, at roof level panels will be subject to gusts of wind, large amounts of rain.  Wherever you install, roof mounted or ground mounted you can be sure that our frames and structures are of the highest quality.


At ground level, as typically used in solar farms, you are also likely to encounter the effects of rain and wind as there is a lower level of protection from surrounding structures than in a more urban environment. You are also likely to encounter animals either in the wild, or more likely smaller animals such as sheep that are continuing to graze on the farm around these ground mount structures.

The All Eco Energy Collection of Solar Panel Mounting Kits

All Eco Energy is a specialist wholesaler of pv wholesaler and as such provide a superb range of systems including mounts and brackets from a host of leading European manufacturers.


We deliver some of the best made and well-known German and French solar panel mounting kits such as S-flex or Schuco for the ground mounts and trapezoidal mounts. We also provide the very famous French-manufactured and MCS-accredited IRFTS Easy Roof BIPV solar panel mounting kits for in-roof mountings as well as a lower cost mounting system from GSE.


For more information on these mounting kits, or to apply for wholesale trade credit contact All Eco Energy on +44 (0)121 742 4844.

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