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All Eco Energy offers a wide range of brackets for mounting solar PV systems alongside many other system components that ensure your customers can get the most from the Sun.


The company trades from its warehouse facilities located in the town of Redditch in central England and offers complete solar power solutions to customers located across the UK and Europe.


There are many components used in the creation of a solar PV system, but without the support of the modular components that make up the mounting kit, it would literally fail. This is the reason why we only supply high-quality mounting kits to our customers in both the wholesale and installation trade.

Brackets – An Essential Part of a Solar PV System

There are a number of brackets that are needed to complete a solar PV energy system including special systems made for flat roofs. Another form of bracket is the trapezoidal bracket. Together these items will allow you to mount your solar PV system to any size of building or any design of roof.


All Eco Energy offers a wide range of solar pv equipment that can be used for both on and off grid use. The solar panels and inverters form the core of our specialist range of products.