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One of the most important parts of the on roof solar panel system are the roof hooks. These inconspicuous pieces of metal allow the solar PV system to remain on the roof and provide the angle at which the system is mounted to gain the most energy from the incoming sunlight.


The roof hooks on offer from All Eco Energy are crafted from high quality steel from European manufacturers including S-Flex and Renusol.


These roof-mounting systems provide an economical and flexible solution for large roof-mounted Photovoltaic systems. In addition to frames with ballast or frames firmly connected to the roof construction, aerodynamic solutions can be installed with modules facing south as well as in easterly directions.

The mounting systems are made to according to DIN 1055 regulations and have been subjected to rigorous tests with verifiable structural analysis for maximum safety. These products are designed to be corrosion resistant and completely recyclable. They are produced with millimetre precision for system designs without having to cut to size.


There are a number of varieties of roof hooks available for a number of roofing styles and roofing material types. Should you need advice on the exact equipment required call the experts at All Eco Energy on 0121 742 4844.


With your roof hooks in place, your solar pv system should run successful for many years and produce copious amounts of carbon-free electricity. You can relax safe in the knowledge that your roof hooks will continue to offer you years of problem free service.