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Screws for Solar Panel Mounting Kits

They may not be the most glamorous of items, but without screws for solar panel mounting kits, said kits would not be particularly useful to anyone as panels would slide off the roof and land in a heap on the lawn or driveway. All Eco Energy offers its trade customers a wide selection of screws, bolts, pop rivets and a miscellany of other invaluable fixing items for solar pv installers and other solar trade professionals such as electricians.

Metal screws used as fasteners were rare in Europe before the 15th century. It was after 1800 that the common screw and screwdriver set became a commonplace site. The trend grew as the tool-sets where developed to make the screws quickly and easily. This process began around 1760 when wood screw production was mechanised by Job and William Wyatt of Staffordshire. Whilst their design paved the way for later works, it was never profitable for the two inventors.


From Historic Design to Modern Screws for Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Today the screw is internationally used as a standard fixing and there are a number of versions available that comply with a variety of codes including those of the International Standards Organisation and various local standards such as those used in the USA.

The array of bolts and screws for solar panel mounting kits are largely standardised. The differences occur with the mounting position and in the type of material that the fixings need to penetrate on their way to securing the item to the roof. The range of screws for solar panel mounting kits available from All Eco Energy should make completing any installation a breeze for those in the trade.

If you wish to find out more about these products then call the solar PV wholesale experts at All Eco Energy on 0121 742 4844 and find out what we can do for you.