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All Eco Energy offers a wide range of solar fasteners and hanger bolts and other items of a similar design that are designed for the safe and efficient mounting of solar PV equipment. 


Hanger bolts have machine threads for use with a nut or in a tapped hole on one end and wood threads on the other. These threads are also known as a lag screw thread at one end and machine screw thread on the other. They are designed for insertion into a pre-drilled hole and are ideal for overhead applications, such as suspending electrical wiring or sheet metal from wooden structures as well as suspending solar panels.


Hanger Bolts as Solar Fasteners

The range of suppliers of solar fasteners does vary, but UK solar PV wholesaler All Eco Energy offers a wide range of products from the German manufacturer S-Flex.  These European made solar fasteners are amongst the best hanger bolts on the market.

For more information on the solar fasteners range on offer from All Eco Energy contact us on 0121 742 4844. As a major trade wholesaler, our team includes a number of knowledgeable experts (even on minor system components such as solar fasteners). All Eco Energy also offers the trade a number of credit options to make trading easier.