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Waterproofing for Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Most solar pv panels are installed on the roof. One of the major purposes (if not the only real purpose) of a roof is to keep wind and water out of buildings. Keeping the content both people and possessions dry and warm. Solar panels are often installed either on, or in, roofs. They therefore need a variety of extra tools to keep them watertight. 

Waterproofing for solar panel mounting kits is one of the most important parts of the system and prevents water ingress in to the roof space that could be potentially damaging to any equipment that is stored underneath and to the physical structure of the building.

Best Practice in Waterproofing for Solar Panel Mounting Kits

It is best practice to keep the roof watertight to prevent issues arriving. Damp can lead to the presence of toxic black mold that can be hazardous to human life. Among other symptoms, it can cause damage to internal organs, respiratory problem and hemorrhage. Even if you avoid the more toxic variety, it will cause damage to roofing structures and plaster work in your customers’ home. 

With this in mind, it is worth using the range of waterproofing for solar panel mounting kits solutions available from All Eco Energy to protect the client’s home or business premises from damage.  The company offers a number of options for use in waterproofing solar panel mounting kits including full roof underlay screen and pre-compressed seals as well as EDPM joints

All Eco Energy is a major UK trade wholesaler of solar panels and other solar pv equipment such as inverters and the complete balance of system including metering and waterproofing materials. We offer expert help and advice to the trade and are able to offer credit facilities to the renewable energy trade community. For more information on the services we offer call us on 0121 742 7844