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Solar PV Inverters Main Units

There are many items of equipment involved in supplying energy from natural sunlight. However, one of the most important components involved is the solar PV inverter main unit. In some systems, this item is distinct from optimisers and storage units that can improve the output level and longevity of the locally generated power.


DC to AC: The Life of a Solar PV Inverter Main Unit

These items typically work by taking a source of Direct Current power, as derived from a solar panel or other alternative energy system, and converting this electricity in to a supply of Alternating Current (AC).

This can then be used in a typical household or commercial setting to power items that would normally use mains electricity. Any additional power can then be either stored for later use in a battery system or can be exported to the National Grid to create an income stream to offset the cost of bought-in power that may be used at times when the panels fail to produce enough energy.

The size of inverter to use is important in creating the correct level of efficiency and maximising the payback potential of the system. If the solar PV inverter main unit is too small, then it will not be able to cope with all of the energy produced by the system. Safety systems will prevent an overload, but the excess power will be wasted. A different problem occurs if the solar PV inverter main unit is too large. In this situation, the unused capacity will lie dormant. This does not present a problem electrically, but as larger inverters are typically more expensive than their smaller brethren are, the unused extra capacity will increase the cost of the system. The result of this is a slower payback time for the end consumer.

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