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Based in Redditch, Worcestershire, All Eco Energy is a leading wholesaler supplying quality high efficiency solar PV panels to customers throughout the UK and Europe from our warehouse facilities in the English Midlands.


We offer a huge range of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and HIT type panels from world leading manufacturers such as Risen, Panasonic, BenQ, LG and Perlight. We offer panels with both silver frames and black frames. This allows you to choose the best type of solar PV system for your development and to meet the needs of your end customer.

Selecting the Solar PV Panels to Meet Your Needs

From a purely aesthetic point of view, black frame, black backsheet, black cell solar panels tend to be best suited to fitting on the homes roofs as their colouring provides an unmatched elegance. Many installers prefer silver panels for ground mounted systems.

Solar module efficiencies of more than 20% have been achieved in the mono-crystalline sector of the market. An increase in the efficiency of these solar PV cells combined has made them more popular over the last few years, contributing to their competitive pricing over the past decade.

Poly-crystalline cells offer slightly lower maximum outputs, but the have a real world yield similar to the mono-crystalline panels.  This, combined with their lower cost means that per watt generated they are more cost effective. This makes them particularly useful when a larger surface area is available to the installer and total power produced per square meter becomes a less significant factor.

Remember as well - a 250W monocrystalline panel has the same maximum output as a 250W polycrystalline solar PV panel.  The difference between mono and poly panels is in the ability to achieve higher maximum output panels, but once an output is acheive the performance is comparable.

As a leading wholesaler we also offer a range of optimised solar PV panels from Jinko that feature the latest SolarEdge optimisation. This built-in technology optimises the power produced by the solar PV panels and allows higher power yields from the same number of modules whilst reducing mismatch and power loss issues caused by longer strings.

For more information or technical support on products from All Eco Energy please contact us on 0121 742 4844.