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The UK-based solar pv wholesaler All Eco Energy is now able to offer the trade the latest HIT solar panels from a range of manufacturers including Panasonic.

The technology was originally developed by the Sanyo  solar panels division. Following a corporate merger these exciting products have moved under the new Panasonic  Solar branding.

HIT Solar Panels are a unique type of solar cell that is composed of monocrystalline and amorphous silicon layers. This minimises power loss by preventing the recombining of electrons. This raises the level of generation enabling more power to be generated from the same rooftop space. HIT Solar Panels also manage to maintain high-efficiency and performance even in very hot conditions. This typically means that the panels are able to offer approximately 8% more power over the course of the day.

HIT Solar Panels – Improvements Through Research

With a module efficiency of 19.4 % and a cell conversion efficiency of 22 %), the HIT panels ranks highly for efficiency. With a very low temperature coefficient (0.29%/°C,) the HIT® also offers better performance than conventional cells in normal operating conditions.

All Eco Energy continues to offer Panasonic panels due to their excellent, market-leading research and development. The business has invested in some of the best technology around including a new vertically integrated facility in Malaysia. The most recent lab research has seen panels running at 25.6% capacity. With technology breakthroughs like these, it is not difficult to see why Panasonic solar have produced over 1 billion cells.

Find more information HIT Solar Panels on our manufacturer pages including the Panasonic HIT page. All Eco Energy delivers next working day to the whole UK as well as in most European countries. We are even able to offer express delivery in most parts of the UK, ensuring that your products are able to get to you in time for those early morning installations.