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Monocrystalline Black Solar PV Panels

Worcestershire-based solar PV wholesaler All Eco Energy offers an extensive range of high-quality monocrystalline black solar PV Panels from some of the world leading tier 1 manufacturers. Black Mono solar panels utilise the second most common manufacturing technique in the solar industry.

The company stocks some of the best known brands in the photo-voltaic industry including from Sunrise, ET and Suntellite. Also on offer are black framed panels from Perlight, Risen, Jinko, LG and BenQ.

What uses are there for Monocrystalline Black Solar PV Panels

The cells within the modules are made from a single piece of silicon. This allows a higher level of power generation, but at a typically higher price than polycrystalline panels. This means that the panels are more suited to situations where there is a smaller potential area to cover with panels. This makes them ideal for use in domestic environments and in urban commercial settings where there are constraints on the space available to mount panels. Whilst the difference in power output between the two systems has narrowed in recent years thanks to improvements in manufacturing techniques, differences still exist in the level of output that can be expected.

As an effect of their colouring, black modules tend to absorb more energy as heat. All panels produce less power as they get hotter, so in warmer conditions panels that are black will produce less power than silver panels due to this property of heat build-up.

For many users of monocrystalline black solar PV panels in more temperate climes such as the UK and much of Northern and Western Europe the choice of this system tends to come down to the visual impact of the panels. Monocrystalline black solar PV panels are less obtrusive on most types of roof and match more closely with the pre-existing roofing in these areas.

For more information on wholesale prices or technical advice on these technologies contact All Eco Energy on +44 (0)121 742 4844