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Polycrystalline Silver Solar PV Panels

The Redditch-based solar PV wholesaler All Eco Energy offers a wide range of polycrystalline silver solar PV panels. We are proud to offer a number of top brands including Tier 1 module manufacturers such as Risen Solar. As a major wholesaler we negotiate directly with the manufacturer to bring our trade customers across the UK and Europe the best prices.


Due to their more efficient use of material and lower cost per watt, this type of solar cell are the most common type in general use. They prove particularly useful in systems such as solar farms where there is less limitation on the space available for generation. This kind of photovoltaic cell produces its energy from a collection of silicon crystals within each cell, rather than from a single crystal as occurs in each cell of the monocrystalline modules.


The Benefits of Polycrystalline Silver Solar PV Panels

Much of the renewable energy from this source is produced from these kinds of silicon cells and most panels are made in this manner. This has led to a significant price advantage in recent years due to the benefits of mass production.


All Eco Energy is a distributor for polycrystalline silver solar pv panels, supplying the products of world leading manufacturers to the trade at great wholesale prices. We offer our trade customer in the UK and Europe the best known brands of polycrystalline solar PV panels including Jinko, Amerisolar, Innotech and many others.


If you require more information on the wholesale price or technical details of renewable energy products available from All Eco Energy then contact us on 0121 742 4844 or email us at info@allecoenergy.com