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Solax Solar PV Inverters

With demand increasing for solar panels it follows that the demand for systems to convert that power from DC to AC are also growing. Solax solar PV inverters are manufactured by a division of the Suntellite Group. The company is immensely proud of its research and development function and has employed more than 80 high level professors and senior level engineering staff to work within the company.


Inverters, such as those sold by All Eco Energy work to change the energy output of solar panels from their raw Direct Current (DC) output that is typically associated with battery technology, into Alternating Current or AC that is acceptable for domestic, commercial and industrial consumption. The type of power can also be fed in to a power grid to generate electricity for others in the community.


The company is affiliated with the Zhejiang University. Currently the university is ranked as the third best institution in China and is home to the only national quality silicon materials lab in the Chinese equivalent of ‘Silicon Valley’


Based in Hangzhou, the business boasts a 240,000 square meter production facility containing more than $20 million of high grade professional equipment including an SMT machines and a TUV compliant testing laboratory. The products have a number of certifications including VDE, SAA, EN50438, G83, G59, C10/11.


UK Support for Solax Solar PV Inverters

The company has expanded globally and now boasts 16 international offices offering 24/7 support across the world. UK service and support for Solax solar PV inverters is driven from the company’s UK head office in Nuneaton, Warwickshire where a dedicated team are available to offer technical support both direct to end users of through the offices of All Eco Energy. The manufacturer often invites interested parties to view new research prototypes and the latest models of the "Solax solar PV inverters at their Warwickshire facility.

Solax Solar PV Inverters