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Sunrise Solartech Solar PV Panels

Now available from the UK based solar wholesaler All Eco Energy, Sunrise Solartech solar PV panels present a great method of harnessing the power radiated from the Sun for use as a source of renewable energy in the home or commercial premises. Think of it as your power cord to our nearest sun.

Solar systems exist to collect UV radiation and convert this DC power derived from the solar in to electrical energy that once passed through an inverter can be either used locally within the home or business, or fed in to a local or nation power grid.

The Changzhou based company has a number of international branches but concentrated it research and development activity in the PRC. The firm offers a number of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline modules. The yearly production capacity of around 500MW is backed by developments made by the R&D team of 60 experienced engineers, the goal being to expand production and enhance the presence of the brand around the world. The modules have been used in various ground mounted large solar power plants as well as rooftop power system throughout a number of climatic zones. We will continue to develop and deliver the most reliable, effective clean renewable solar power solutions to people around the world.

Sunrise Solartech Solar PV Panels - From Cell to Farm

The range of Sunrise Solartech solar PV panels is produced by a vertically integrated business model. From the production of the cells, through to the final assembly of the solar panel modules, all of the equipment from the brand is produced entirely in-house. All  Sunrise Solartech solar PV panels are sealed, weatherproof and able to withstand high levels of UV radiation making them an eminently sensible choice in a wide range of environmental condition (or a typical British summer for that matter.)

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Sunrise Solartech Solar PV Panels