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WASI Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Whilst it is the not the most glamourous part of a solar energy systems, mountings are important. All Eco Energy offers a range of WASI solar PV panel mounting kits to enable you to complete your contract with your customers.

The company is also known by its full title of Wagener and Simon GmbH. It is the global leader in stainless steel fasteners and has a breadth and depth to its range that cannot be matched by the competition. The business has also been a major investor in IT and logistics services. This has enabled it to change from a wholesaler in to a service that provides solutions to its customers, whatever market they trade in.

The Company Behind WASI Solar PV Mounting Kits

The company is based in Wuppertal, close to many of Germany’s iron and metalworking industries and also many businesses that offered wire drawing. It has been based in the town since 1961. It moved to the former cold rolling mill of Robert Zinn in 1981. The business continued to grow and was granted DIN EN IS0 9001 certification in 1993. Today it has many TÜV-certified items. Even the screws that are part of the kits offered by All Eco Energy have been graded for quality and suitability in the system.

The company continued to grow and began to offer maritime equipment in 1997. This was followed by a number of other industries in the following years. The company began trading division across Europe during the early 2000’s and also expanded in to the Chinese market.

Made from high quality materials WASI solar PV panel mounting kits are a useful tool for all panel and module installers. It is no coincidence that there is a huge demand for these products. The innovative system have been developed in close cooperation with trade customers who are looking for practical solutions. With nearly 50 years experience in the fastening business, WASI solar PV panel mounting kits are the perfect mounting choice for your system.

WASI Solar Panel Mounting Kits